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Bien Ran seafood restaurant is a restaurant in Da Nang city with optional dishes which are delicious and cheap. Customers can choose their fresh seafood at a pool and ask the cook to make it following customers’ taste. Bien Ran restaurant commits to provide customers with fresh, delicious, hygiene and safe food.

Ingredients: fresh and alive seafood; spices of famous trade name; vegetables taken from safe area. Ingredients are processed directly without overuse of spices, preservative agent, and food color

Cook: work like he is serving his relatives, always care about the health and safety of customers, for example, the food must be delicious, clean, and good for the health.

Staff: friendly, hospitably, and devoted.

BIEN RAN Seafood restaurant has a wide space, suitable for enjoying special seafood of Da Nang. The restaurant also has a big room for conference, meeting, or big party.

BIEN RAN Seafood restaurant is an ideal place for visitors of Da Nang to hang out with their friends, or meet their partners, and enjoy the fresh and tasty seafood of Vietnam sea with an affordable price.

The restaurant also wishes to show the devotion, ingenuity, and hospitability of people in Da Nang to visitors who come to Da Nang, party confirming that Da Nang is a green and clean city, which is worth living.